March 16, 2007

A dream I awoke from.

I am standing in a room, it's kind of bouncy and round, and the walls encircling me are covered with monitors, consoles, keypads, speakers... one screen is of incoming e-mails, a hundred e-mail accounts for a hundred separate identities. Another screen displays whole pages of text flipping past as a program picks up its pertinent information, summarizes and files it. Moments pass and suddenly I glance above me, and am shocked to find a window through which the most bizarre cyborg gazes back at me, eyes slightly concealed beneath small monitors, ears plugged into half a dozen conversations discussing psychology, ethics, geography, pollution, the best deal on a new car, and one with oneself in a public diary on the Internet.

How are we engineering ourselves? What are the crucial digital parts pf the social organism of the future? What are the perils we will come to face? How am I not myself?

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